Rebuilding the Bronze Age

Follow the veterans from Operation Nightingale as they build an earth-walled experimental roundhouse in a 12 part mini-series

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A Bronze Age First

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The Veteran Story

Watch as the team grow in skill, knowledge and camraderie to make this experimental archaeological first come to life

Documenting History

Follow the team as they make history in this professionally documented mini-series

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Series trailer

Trailer: Finale celebration

Trailer: Turning the sod

Trailer: Woodworking the Posts

Trailer: Casting a Bronze Axe

Trailer: The Foundations Take Shape

Trailer: Turf Walls and Roos Carr figures

Trailer: Pottery Firing

What you'll see

Tips and tricks from our resident tree-wright, archaeologist and skilled craftsmen.

The Age of Alchemy

Watch as the team learn skills including traditional bronze smelting

Experimental Archaeology

Understand the archaeology and experiment behind our new roundhouse

Learn their stories

Follow the team as they work together and discover their stories

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By joining Butser Plus you can see a series of mini-documentaries following the build of our Bronze Age Roundhouse. Starting with an interview with Operation Nightingale founder and award-winning Archaeologist Richard Osgood, through to videos of the build itself.

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