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Our upcoming projects, demonstrations, and peeks into life at the farm!

Looking back on 50 years of Butser

We sit down with our directors Simon and Maureen to reminisce about how the farm got this far — including never-before-seen photos from the archive!

Roman kiln miniseries

We’re filming a miniseries following the creation and testing of an experimental Roman kiln!

The kiln will be a replica of one found in the Medway Estuary in 1975, and it’s being made using experimental techniques. Check out this teaser for episode one, where students from UCL’s Institute of Archaeology get cracking on the replica and experiment with clay!

Join us for the next episode later this year when UCL returns to fire some pottery in the finished kiln.

New experimental roundhouse!

You don’t want to miss this upcoming series! 

We’re building a new Iron Age roundhouse, based on archaeology from Danebury Hillfort. Stay tuned for this new series following the construction process, and the exciting new experiments we’ll be doing as we go.

The archaeology for this building has some interesting quirks — the walls seem to be made differently than we’re used to — so this is going to be a fascinating project with some new experimental archaeology to explore!

What we're filming next...

Using a Roman pottery wheel

We’ve asked expert potter Alison Sandeman to take on a replica Roman kick wheel. It’s notoriously hard to use! Hopefully she can use her 50 years of experience to get it up and running…

Sheep-shearing season

Our sheep are starting to look a bit hot in all this weather! Stay tuned for this video, where we’ll take you through how to shear the farm’s rare-breed sheep. Let’s peel off those woolly coats!

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