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Butser Ancient Farm is a small, independent not-for-profit with much bigger ambitions than pockets — and we need your help! The site simply could not exist without the support of people like you. We punch way above our weight, making discoveries on the cutting edge of experimental archaeology, and it’s all possible because of the generous support we receive.

But our existence isn’t guaranteed, and we’re never far from the edge. You can help secure our future today — for the price of a coffee!


If you’re not able to support financially, we completely understand! We really appreciate all support — 

Explore the past and make a difference for the price of a coffee…

History belongs to all of us, and we want to share our work with you! Whether that’s our award-winning experimental archaeology projects, traditional skills demonstrations, interviews with experts, or rare breed conservation, we want to make it all accessible to as many people as possible.

Right now, times are tough for everyone. 

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Lots! Here’s some types of video we make:

  • Documentary series following our archaeology projects — roundhouses, mosaics, a standing stone, and more
  • Demonstrations of ancient skills like metalworking, flint knapping, thatching, and cooking
  • Interviews with experts in the field, including Phil Harding and Cat Jarman
  • Recorded events like our Imbolc storytelling or Beltain festival wickerman burning
  • Behind the scenes of Butser life, maintaining our buildings and caring for endangered animals

Butser Plus lets us share more of our work than ever before. No matter where you are, with our videos, you can follow a project from the very first moment to the very last, and hear directly from our archaeologists at the same time.

It also means we can thank you for your support with behind-the-scenes updates, and you can see the impact of your donation. Every time you watch a new video, know that whatever we’re doing, you helped make it happen!

Yes! All our filming and editing is done by Hollie, a professional videographer and member of the Butser team. Before Butser, she worked on shows like the Attenborough series Africa and BBC One’s The Farmer’s Country Showdown, so she really knows her stuff.

We’re really lucky to have her on board!

We release three new videos a month — that’s a video a week, plus one off week. Our blog post updates come out every other week (usually!).

If you support at the Explorer level or above, great news! You get access to all of this the moment it releases.

If you support at the Scout level, also good news! You’ll get two of the latest releases and a blog update per month, plus a video from the back catalogue. So while you won’t get everything immediately, it will all be coming your way eventually.

Butser Ancient Farm is independent, not-for-profit, and almost entirely self-funded. Without support, we would not be here.

Right now, the site costs around £800 a day just to exist — and that doesn’t cover our experiments or educational activities.

We’re so grateful for all the support we’ve received to get us here. But our existence isn’t guaranteed, and we’ve come very close to having to shut our doors before. We just want to make sure we can keep experimenting, discovering, and educating for years to come!

Use it to continue our research, keep sharing our findings with visitors and schoolkids, and make the site even better!

Here are just a few of the things your donation could go towards:

  • Funding our next archaeological experiment
  • Caring for our current buildings
  • Feeding our endangered animals
  • Investing in teaching resources
  • Funding our free community programs
  • Allowing us to keep making these documentaries!

Yes. Butser Plus works like Patreon, or a donation-based subscription. It will automatically be set to renew every month, but you can easily turn that off.

If you’d like to make a single donation, just switch off automatic renewal in your account settings after your first donation.

If you gift a subscription, your recipient will have the option to renew themselves. You won’t be charged again for a gift!

Of course!

If you aren’t able to keep supporting, you can very easily turn off the automatic renewal in your account settings. You’ll still have all your supporter benefits until your donation runs out.

If you’ve donated by accident, get in touch with us at for help!