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What is Butser Plus

Butser Plus allows you to see how we explore the ancient past at Butser Ancient Farm through a series of mini-documentaries.

Discover professional, behind-the-scenes video content sharing the story of this unique heritage site, alongside ancient skills and knowledge to escape into the past. By joining, your donation supports future archaeological projects and will help to safeguard the farm’s future.

professor alice roberts celebrating roundhouse with veterans

What you will get

Expert Insights

Special guests including Professor Alice Roberts, Dr Cat Jarman, Phil Harding and MOD's Richard Osgood

Ongoing Projects

Get the insider view on our latest projects from building a Bronze Age Roundhouse to constructing a Saxon Hall.

Educational Content

Learn more about our ancient past from the expert minds uncovering it in our history documentaries

Access exclusive videos

Escape into the past, learning with us as we explore and re-construct ancient ways of life.

Reconstructing our past

Using archaeological evidence from recent excavations, we rebuild the ancient past. Our pioneering approach brings the past to life in a tangible, visceral way.

  • Understand the process

    Discover how we work with the latest archaeological research to interpret the past.

  • Watch step by step

    Follow our building projects from concept to reality.

Keeping skills alive

Discover at-risk heritage skills from metal smelting to flint-knapping that forged the ancient world.

  • Learn ancient techniques

    Watch our experts demonstrate essential skills from the past.

  • Preserve the past

    'At risk' heritage crafts kept alive and captured on film.

Inform and Educate

Learn more about our ancient past from the expert minds investigating it. Watch in-depth discussions with leading academics and archaeologists.

  • Expert minds

    Featuring special guests including Dr Cat Jarman, and Richard Osgood

  • Delve into the past

    Discover the evidence and suppositions surrounding our ancient past

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ancient past