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Butser Plus goes behind-the-scenes at Butser Ancient Farm, an internationally-renowned experimental archaeology site in the UK. These documentaries cover everything we do at Butser, from building roundhouses and making swords to raising ancient rarebreed animals and chatting with experts in the field.

As a not-for-profit research and educational site, Butser Ancient Farm relies on your support. Our work explores the cutting-edge of experimental archaeology, expands our understanding of the distant past, and passes our passion for archaeology on to the next generation.

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Some trailers for just a few of our documentaries, interviews, demonstrations, & other exclusive behind-the-scenes content!

Rebuilding the Bronze Age

Turning Rock into Metal

Chatting to Phil Harding

A Viking Boat Burn

Thatching a Saxon Hall

Adopting Iron Age Pigs

Fight Like a Roman

Origins of a Stone Age Hall

Demolishing a Roundhouse

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