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Access behind-the-scenes videos detailing life at Butser Ancient Farm. New videos added weekly with over 50 videos showcasing archaeology, ancient skills and more.

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Watch exclusive interviews and discussions to delve into the fact and fiction of ancient British history.

Lost Skills

Discover lost and dying crafts like thatching and flintknapping from our team of experts.

Moments of Calm

Watch a crackling fire, or listen to birdsong in a calming mindful moment from nature at the farm.

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Over 50 videos with more added weekly showcasing the diversity of life at the farm, from experimental archaeology and guest interviews to ancient skills, and nature.

Equinox Boat Burn

See the viking longboat go up in flames

Rebuilding the Bronze Age

Military veterans build an experimental Bronze Age roundhouse

Thatching Begins on our new Saxon Hall

Master-Thatcher Lyle thatches using authentic Saxon techniques.

Casting a Sword for Battle

Discover how to forge an Iron Age sword in the fires of a Roundhouse

Woodworking a Roundhouse Frame

Trunks are hand-formed into posts for our new Bronze Age Roundhouse

Saving Species, One Seed at a Time

How do you bring ancient crops back from extinction?

The Bronze Age Begins...

Military veterans start a new build with help from Time Team's Phil

Beltain Burning of the Wickerman

Watch a dramatic Beltain video with storytelling, drumming and fire.

Roundhouse Discussion with Richard Osgood

We discuss our new Bronze Age project working with army veterans.

Making a Skin Window

We make a raw-hide window covering for our Stone Age house

Gizmo the Ram finds a New Home

Follow Gizmo, an endangered Manx Loaghtan sheep,
on his journey home

Smoking Salmon

Enjoy the sights and sounds as we smoke salmon in our round house

Roundhouse Discussion with Gareth Chaffey

Claire and Gareth discuss the origins of our Stone Age house

A Night in the Roman Villa

New team member Candice gets an induction into Roman life!

How to make a Stone Age Tool

Watch and learn as flintknapper Mark makes ancient tools

Saxon Hall from Tree to Trunk

Watch as our treewright Darren recreates a traditional Saxon House

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We want to ensure Butser Plus is accessible to as many people as possible, hence the small monthly minimum donation. However, we are incredibly grateful to acknowledge many of our supporters, if they are able to,  want to donate more to support our work! Our varied donation levels encourage everyone to pay what they are comfortable with, and helps the farm survive for future generations to enjoy and discover the unique work we do.

Your donation will help to support the educational and research work of Butser Ancient Farm, enabling us to maintain and develop the site and feed the farm animals! Butser Ancient Farm is a not-for-profit organisation that has been running for almost 50 years, sharing what life may have been like from the Stone Age to the Saxon periods to school groups, students and visitors. The Farm works with a wide range of archaeologists and universities to conduct research in order to further archaeological understanding.
Butser also look after ancient rare-breed animals helping these critically endangered breeds to thrive, and provides a safe site for ancient crops and plants working with the species recovery trust.

Yes! Whilst we appreciate your support, you can choose to pause or cancel your donation at any time through your membership portal.

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