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What do we do?

Butser Ancient Farm is a groundbreaking experimental archaeology site in the Hampshire South Downs, UK. For 50 years, we’ve been pioneering a hands-on, practical approach to understanding life in the ancient past, from the Stone Age to the Anglo-Saxons, using experimental archaeology to reconstruct ancient buildings and rediscover ancient skills.

We focus on research, education, conservation, and community. Every year, we inspire thousands of young people and aspiring archaeologists, as well as creating opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our community to get involved. We also help to preserve and protect old and critically endangered animals and crops, as well as support traditional crafts and skills. And of course, there’s our research: contributing to everyone’s knowledge of the past through experience and experimentation.

Visitors meeting our English Goats

Why do we do it?

Butser Ancient Farm exists to learn about the past, share our findings, and inspire those around us. We want to connect you to a period in history that can be hard to imagine, immersing you in ancient living, and give you something from this heritage — whether that’s knowledge, curiosity, or even just an escape from modernity.

We’ve realised we can’t reach everyone from our little pocket of Hampshire, so we’re throwing our doors open to the world and trying to collapse those barriers. Now, no matter your location or your ability to travel, you can explore our work from your own home!

As a not-for-profit organisation, we rely heavily on the goodwill of donors to help us keep experimenting, inspiring, and exploring. Butser Plus is the best way to support our work, and to get an insider view into our projects, research, and life on the farm.

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