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What do we do?

Butser Ancient Farm is a groundbreaking experimental archaeology site in the Hampshire South Downs. For almost 50 years we have pioneered a hands-on practical approach to understanding life in the ancient past through experimentation and reconstruction.

Butser Plus gives insider access to the ancient skills and knowledge discovered at the farm, with professional behind-the-scenes video footage bringing the ancient online and sharing it with a global audience.

Visitors meeting our English Goats

Why are we doing it?

As a not-for-profit, community interest company we exist to inspire and educate about the ancient past, connecting people to the heritage and landscape around them whilst supporting and sharing traditional skills.

We usually welcome thousands of school children and visitors each year, but due to the pandemic lost 80% of our income. As a way to survive, support our work, and share it more widely, Butser Plus was born!

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We invite you to escape to the past and discover more about our ancient skills, knowledge and heritage through our professionally shot videos. Your donation will help us to continue to inspire and educate future generations for years to come.

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