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Over 5,000 years old...

We’re embarking on one of our most exciting projects yet — the reconstruction of a very special Stone Age roundhouse.

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An incredible discovery

Two wood henges, astonishingly beautiful pottery, and evidence of a culture the excavator dubbed the ‘Clan of the Cow Horn’ — this is one of the most amazing archaeological sites we’ve ever seen.

Roundhouses this old are extremely rare, and we’re actually lucky enough to have a piece that survived! Could this evidence change the way we see the Stone Age?

Support this project to see our multi-part documentary series following the build as it airs.

Far from primitive

The Stone Age lasted for 3.4 million years, but we still know so little about it — and most people seem to think it never moved beyond grunting cavemen. We’re doing our part to change that.

Our experiments and reconstructions at Butser help archaeologists, academics, and everyday visitors to better understand the past. This is where humanity started, a time of inventors and artists and explorers, and we hope this new roundhouse will help show that they were just like us!

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