It’s Our Birthday!

18 April 2023

Hello hello!

It’s our birthday! We’ve officially been making videos on Butser Plus for two years now — how time flies!

To celebrate, in this update we’re looking back at some of our most exciting projects and videos from the past two years. Here’s to many more to come!

Of course, absolutely none of this would be possible without you. Your support makes such a difference, and we’re so grateful that we get to do these amazing projects and share them with you like this. Truly, thank you!

Weaponsmithing through the ages

Ancient weapons are cool, but you know what’s cooler? How they were made, and how they were wielded. We’ve been lucky enough to explore these two things in quite a few videos! These are just three of many — have you seen them all yet?

Forging an Iron Age Sword

We used 2,000 year-old techniques to forge an Iron Age sword — in under a single day!

The Weapons Behind the Roman Empire

The Butser IX Legion shows us how to wield Roman weaponry!

Forging, Fletching, & Testing a Saxon Arrow

We made a replica Saxon arrow based on one found beside our halls!

Our best experiments...

How was Stonehenge made? Can a Roman hypocaust properly heat a room in winter? And can archaeology help improve mental health? 

Rebuilding the Bronze Age

What might this Bronze Age roundhouse from Salisbury Plain have looked like?

How to Raise a Standing Stone

Can it be done with nothing more than rope, rollers, and muscle power?

How Hot Does a Hypocaust Get?

How does it compare to modern-day heating in winter?

The time traveller's guide to the Iron Age

Quick, you’ve woken up in the Iron Age — what do you do? What do you wear? What kind of food should you expect, and how can you cook it? Watch this series to find out! We love how these videos turned out 😊

What Did Celtic Women Wear?

Did everyone in the past just wear brown?

How to Cook an Iron Age Feast

What did Iron Age food taste like, and was it any good?

How to Wash Up Without Soap

Keeping clean means staying alive, so how do you do it?

Meet the experts!

We’re on the cutting edge of what we do, and there’s nothing we love more than sitting down with others at the peak of their field. We’ve been so lucky to chat with so many fascinating people; here are just three of our favourites!

Was Fishbourne Roman Palace Britain's First Zoo?

We chat archaeozoology with Fishbourne Roman Palace’s curator!

Understanding the Past with Phil Harding

Time Team’s Phil Harding shares insight into archaeology!

50 Years of Butser Ancient Farm

We look through never-before-seen footage of Butser’s earliest days!

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