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Constructing a Saxon Hall

Discover traditional and endangered building skills

50 years after this Saxon hall was discovered, we’ve brought it back to life! See spotlights on the craftsmanship that went into this build in this eight part series.

Through the series, you’ll discover the Saxon mastery of wood and thatch and get to know Butser’s master craftsfolk. You’ll see how we hand-crafted the hall from natural materials, and watch spotlights on the traditional building methods and endangered skills used in the build.

You’ll also see guest appearances from some of the archaeologists who first excavated this building and hear their experiences from the dig, including Phil Harding!

Watch the series trailer!

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Bonus episodes!

Meet Phil Harding, of Time Team fame, one of the archaeologists who discovered our hall! Plus see how we made a replica Saxon arrow found in the excavation.

Available to Explorers, Pioneers, and Heroes.