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Danebury Build 2: Into the Woods!

The team heads into a local coppice to get wood for the build! Led by master treewright Darren, they learn the importance of coppicing as a sustainable and ancient technique, with builders working alongside the land. Just as people in the Iron Age would have done, our team is searching for the right wood for the job — they need to find door posts!

How to Wield a Roman Pottery Wheel

We have an authentic Roman pottery wheel! In this video, we’re joined by expert potter Alison Sanderman to show us how to use it — and make a replica Roman urn!

Mosaic Build series

Believe it our not, our new mosaic has been completed! Over just two weeks, the Kings’ College London Classics students, as well as London School of Mosaics, laid a Roman mosaic using authentic Roman techniques. Based on a real mosaic from the Sparsholt villa, this one has a central design with a special Butser twist!

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