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What Were These Stone Age Artefacts?

We're recreating some artefacts -- but we don't know what they were. Why were they buried with kids? What are the designs on them? And how do you create something so intricate with only stone tools? Read More

Archaeotech 2023

It's Archaeotech! Join us for a whirlwind tour of just some of the incredible hands-on experimental archaeology projects and classes, and see over 10,000 years of technology all in one place! Read More

All About Roman Plants

Our formal Roman garden is finally open! Join us as we explore many of the plants used in the new garden -- find out more about the ones we've chosen, what the Romans would have used them for, and why the Romans were so fond of putting leaves on their heads... Read More

Equinox Viking Boat Burn 2023

It's the end of summer, and the peace in our cosy Saxon village is shattered by Viking invaders. Who will win -- the Saxon warriors defending their homes, or the Vikings determined to take it from them? Relive the magic of Equinox Viking Boat Burn 2023! Read More

How Does Farming With Flint Work?

The team is back to harvest our ancient crops! But this time, it's not the crops we're so interested in -- it's the tools. How does harvesting with flint tools work, and what can we learn about early farming by doing it ourselves? Read More

Are We Getting Baby Goats?

We're hoping for baby goats! Earlier this year, proven buck Hogan got his flirt on with our three ladies, and we've spent the summer getting excited for goat kids. But surprising events threw us an unexpected twist... Read More

How Long Does a Roundhouse Last?

Imagine: you're an archaeologist, and you've just discovered evidence of 80 roundhouses. But how do you know if that's 80 separate houses, or just one that kept getting rebuilt? The Butser team explores this question through summer maintenance. Read More

Did Our Ancestors Wear Pants?

If you think about it, someone in history was the first person to ever wear pants. But when? How long have we been wearing underwear, and how do we know? From Bronze Age lioncloths to Roman bikinis, we go in search of history's first underwear! Read More

Saving Endangered Lambs

Our sheep are part of a rare endangered breed, so when two of this year's lambs are rejected by their mothers, it's up to the Butser team to step in and raise them ourselves... Read More

The Best of Beltain 2023

Relive the best of Beltain 2023, celebrated with music, mead, merriment, and of course, the burning of our 30ft wickerman. Here’s to good company and sunny days! Read More