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Winter Storytelling in a Roundhouse

A wintery feast of folklore and fairytales, told in our greatest roundhouse! Read More

Aligning a Stone With the Solstice

What do Stonehenge and the tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh have in common? We set out to align a second standing stone with the sunrise at the Winter Solstice! But what is a solstice, and how do we know they were important to our ancestors? Read More

How to Make Prehistoric Art

Did ancient people paint their houses? Rachel mixes up some paint using prehistoric methods, and Thérèse digs up an old experiment to try and answer this question... Plus, we paint our newest Iron Age roundhouse! Read More

Viking Boat Burn – Autumn Equinox 2022

As the sun sets on the last summer's day, and the year turns to autumn, the Vikings march on Saxon homeland, and a fierce warrior is lost... Relive the magic with this commemorative video! Read More

Welcoming Piglets to a New Home

We're getting piglets back on site! To welcome them to Butser, Will and Stuart make the pigs' bed, dig out a wallow, and gently introduce the animals to their new home. Read More

How to Shear a Rare Four-Horned Ram

How do you shear a sheep? What about when it's a rare and ancient breed with four horns? We're joined by local shepherdess Lou to take us through it, and teach Butser animal whisperer Stuart how it's done! Read More

Wickerman Burn 2022: Full Version

If you came away from our official Beltain commemorative video wanting more, this one's for you! Now you can watch the full burning of the 2022 wickerman, complete with an incredible performance from the Pentacle Drummers. Read More

Beltain 2022

It's Beltain, the original May Day festival! Join us as we look back on this year's incredible event -- dare we say, the best yet? -- complete with live music performances, morris dancing, incredible drumming, and of course the burning of a 30ft wickerman. Read More

Milking an Endangered Goat

Bella is an English goat, a rare and ancient breed. With her kid having flown the nest it's now up to us to keep her milked -- if we can catch her... ! Read More

Imbolc 2022 Celtic Spring Celebration

Learn about the origins of this Celtic spring festival and experience poetry, prose and drumming which will enable us to feel uplifted and connected as a community for the coming year. Read More