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Breaking an Archaeology Record! (with Dr Rob Symmons)

Dr Rob Symmons set out to stand in as many Roman hypocausts as he could. But why? Which ones? And where do you draw the line between making archaeology accessible versus keeping it protected? Read More

Bronze Build Retrospective (with Richard Osgood)

The archaeologists behind Rebuilding the Bronze Age look back on the project and what it achieved. How did it impact the team that worked on it? And if we built it again, would we change our methods? Read More

50 Years of Butser Ancient Farm (with Butser’s directors)

It's our 50th anniversary! Join our directors Maureen and Simon as they reminisce about the farm -- where it all started, how it developed, and the people who got involved along the way -- complete with never-before-seen archive images! Read More

Understanding the Past with Phil Harding

We caught Phil for a chat in our new Saxon hall all about his work on its original dig, his lifelong love of archaeology, using flint knapping to understand the past, and the highlights from his 20-year career on Time Team! Read More

Meet Our New Experimental Archaeologist!

We're so delighted to introduce you to our new Experimental Archaeologist, Thérèse Kearns! For this video, Trevor sat down with Thérèse to chat about how she came to Butser, her true love of archaeo-metallurgy, her experiences on a dig in Austria, and her hopes for the future of Butser's research. Read More

Reconstructing a Roman Mosaic (with Dr Will Wootton)

Was Fishbourne Palace a Zoo? (with Dr Rob Symmons)

Fishbourne is the largest and most spectacular Roman palace found north of the Alps -- and it might have been Britain's first ever zoo?! We chat to Dr Rob Symmons, Curator of Fishbourne Roman Palace about carnivorous rabbits, fallow deer 1000 years before their time, and chickens with a link to China... Read More

What is Experimental Archaeology? (with Dr Matt Pope)

Maureen chats to Dr Matt Pope, a prehistorian and archaeologist from the UCL Institute of Archaeology. Read More

Bringing the Vikings to Life (with Dr Cat Jarman)

Viking expert Dr Cat Jarman talks about ideas to represent the Viking age at Butser, and the inspiration behind her best-selling book 'River Kings'. Read More

Bringing Ancient Crops Back From Extinction (with the Species Recovery Trust)

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