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How to Make a Flint Axe

We're reconstructing a Stone Age building, but all our axes are metal... Enter Martin Green, an expert knapper! Martin visits the farm to see how progress is going and takes us through how to create a flint axe from start to finish. Read More

How to Build a Mesolithic Shelter

It's 8000 BCE, and you're a hunter-gatherer. You're a nomad, never putting down roots -- so what does your home look like? We imagine a possible answer, and show that even Mesolithic homes could be beautiful! Read More

Has Blacksmithing Changed?

Ancient blacksmiths first worked iron 3,000 years ago, but what happened next? How did blacksmithing evolve, from the Romans to the Saxons? We explore blacksmithing through the ages -- and join a late-night iron smelt... Read More

Making a Giant Iron Age Replica

What did Iron Age millionaires spend their money on? Fancy jewellery or weapons? What about a fireplace as tall as a human being? Historical blacksmith Tom has a crack at making a replica of a giant Iron Age artefact... Read More

8: How to Turn Wood Into Rope

As work continues on our Danebury roundhouse build, we run into an unexpected problem: the walls are wobbly! The team springs into action to save the roundhouse -- and Darren shows us we can actually use wood just like rope! Read More

How Did Our Ancestors Make Fire?

Where did fire come from? Who first learned to create and harness it? And without modern tools, how do you even get a spark? We have a go with some 200,000 year old tools... Read More

6: How to Thatch an Iron Age Roundhouse

Our new Iron Age roundhouse is finally ready to thatch! Get it wrong, and this could risk the whole building... Luckily, thatcher Paul teaches us how it's done, while Thérèse explores the evidence for thatched roofs in prehistory... Read More

How to Wash Up Without Soap

It's 900 BC, and you've just enjoyed a hearty Iron Age meal. But now you've got all these pots and pans to wash up, and no soap to do it with! Keeping clean means staying alive, so how do you do it? Read More

How to Make Saxon Ink

Modern ink is made with carbon, chemicals, resins, and more, but the Saxons didn't have access to those ingredients. So how did they make their manuscripts? We set out to try a recipe -- and you can have a go, too! Read More

What Did Celtic Women Wear?

You've time-travelled to Iron Age Britain! Quick -- what do you wear to fit in? Living history practitioner Caroline Nicolay takes us through Iron Age clothing, and fights the stereotype that everyone in the past just wore brown! Read More