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Festive Old English with Simon Roper

Join us for a festive exploration of Old English with Youtube star and Butser volunteer Simon Roper! Read More

Making & Testing Ancient Spears​

You're an ancient hunter, but metal is rare and expensive. So what can you use instead? Historical interpreter Thomas Timbrell teaches the veterans of Operation Nightingale how to hunt, Bronze Age-style! Read More

How to Make a Stone Age Arrow

Jo and Will make a Mesolithic Arrow ready to shoot! Read More

Pit Firing Bronze Age Pottery

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6: How to Thatch – Crash Course From a Master

3: The Structure Takes Shape

5: Thatching a Saxon Hall

With over 3 tonnes of reed to use, Master Thatcher Lyle begins work on Butser's Saxon Hall. Read More

Sand Casting a Bronze Age Axe​

Bronzesmith James Clift shows the Operation Nightingale veterans how to turn copper and tin into molten bronze as they cast their own Bronze Age axes. Read More

Forging an Iron Age Sword

For the first time Tom will be using fire in our Little Woodbury Iron Age roundhouse to forge an early Iron Age sword, with the same methods and equipment from over 2000 years ago! Read More

4: Preparing the Roof to Thatch

With a little bit of guesswork and a lot of experience Lyle attempts to recreate an authentic thatched roof for our Saxon Hall using ancient methods. Attaching hazel spars may look easy but as Lyle explains, it’s not for the faint hearted…. Read More