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How to Make Prehistoric Art

Did ancient people paint their houses? Rachel mixes up some paint using prehistoric methods, and Thérèse digs up an old experiment to try and answer this question... Plus, we paint our newest Iron Age roundhouse! Read More

How to Lay a Traditional Hedge

Imagine: you're a Saxon farmer, and you need to keep your livestock contained to a field. You can't use wire -- chicken or barbed -- and wooden fences only last so long. What do you do? Darren teaches us the traditional skill of hedgelaying! Read More

How to Make Traditional Oak Shingles

How do you roof an ancient building when you can't use thatch? We need 3,000 riven oak shingles to make this roof, so master treewright Darren takes the team through the process of this endangered skill. Read More

2: Finding Wood in an Ancient Copse

Part two of our new Danebury roundhouse build! This week, our treewright Darren leads the team into an ancient patch of woodland to find the right materials for the build, and learn the importance of the ancient and sustainable practice of coppicing. Read More

How to Raise a Standing Stone

We raised a standing stone! Hear from our archaeologist and see how we did it using nothing but rope, rollers, a sled, and a ton of manpower lent from the Royal Navy flagship. Is this how they did it at Stonehenge? Can we ever really know for sure? Read More

2: How to Wield a Roman Pottery Wheel

To use our replica Roman pottery wheel, the potter must have incredible co-ordination, balance, and experience. Luckily, we're joined by an expert potter, pottery archaeologists, and the curator of Fishbourne Roman Palace to figure out how it's done! Read More

How to Cook an Iron Age Feast

We set out to prove that Iron Age food tasted good! Prehistoric cook Caroline Nicolay shows us how to forage for and cook a delicious beef and nettle stew, followed by an unexpected dessert... Read More

Forging, Fletching, & Testing a Saxon Arrow

From 1066 to Robin Hood, longbows are an iconic part of English history -- and what's a bow without its arrows? Blacksmith Joe Tyler and craftsman Lewis Beck show us how to make an authentic Saxon arrow based on local archaeology! Read More

The Weapons Behind the Roman Empire

Join the Butser IX Legion as they battle against the indigenous Iron Age Celts, and see the Roman military in action! Read More

How to Turn Rock into Metal

How do you get copper out of rock? Join our resident metallurgist Fergus as he takes us through each step! Read More