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2: Laying a Roman Mosaic

It's day two of the mosaic project, and the team are laying the first tesserae! We mix mortar to a Roman recipe, and internationally award-winning mosaicist Gary Drostle reveals the mosaic's secret central design... Read More

1: How to Start a Roman Mosaic

We're laying a mosaic -- and the team has only 14 days to do it! It's being laid using authentic Roman techniques, which means before we can get started, the team has to manually cut over 100,000 tesserae... Read More

3: Building a Doorway to the Iron Age

The team builds a doorway for our new Iron Age roundhouse -- and it might not seem like it, but this is one of the trickiest and most important parts. Get it wrong, and the building could be a disaster... Read More

2: Finding Wood in an Ancient Copse

Part two of our new Danebury roundhouse build! This week, our treewright Darren leads the team into an ancient patch of woodland to find the right materials for the build, and learn the importance of the ancient and sustainable practice of coppicing. Read More

How to Raise a Standing Stone

We raised a standing stone! Hear from our archaeologist and see how we did it using nothing but rope, rollers, a sled, and a ton of manpower lent from the Royal Navy flagship. Is this how they did it at Stonehenge? Can we ever really know for sure? Read More

1: Starting a New Roundhouse

Join us as we start one of the most exciting experiments of the year! It's an Iron Age roundhouse, found at the Danebury hill fort, and it has some of the clearest and most interesting archaeology we've ever worked from -- as well as a peculiar test... Read More

1: Building a Roman Kiln with UCL

We're recreating one of the best-preserved Roman kilns in Britain! The UCL's archaeology students are used to digging up things like this, but creating one is a whole new challenge... Read More

Welcome to the Stone Age

Join us for a tour around our Stone Age farm! The Neolithic hall takes up centre stage, and archaeologist Thérèse also shows us the ancient tools we use to sow, tend to, and process the ancient crops we grow here! Read More

What Happens After a Roundhouse Falls Down?

We dig through the remains of an old roundhouse and see what can be learnt from this stage in the lifecycle of a roundhouse -- and perform some more experiments! Read More

8: Celebrating the Saxon Hall (with Phil Harding)

After four years of construction, and exactly fifty years since the archaeology for this building was first discovered, we've finished our Saxon hall build! And it's time to celebrate and reflect, accompanied by Phil Harding -- and the archaeologist who inspired him! Read More