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5: Making Bronze Age Concrete with the Kids

6: How to Thatch – Crash Course From a Master

4: Experimenting with Walls & Woodcarvings

3: The Structure Takes Shape

5: Thatching a Saxon Hall

With over 3 tonnes of reed to use, Master Thatcher Lyle begins work on Butser's Saxon Hall. Read More

4: Preparing the Roof to Thatch

With a little bit of guesswork and a lot of experience Lyle attempts to recreate an authentic thatched roof for our Saxon Hall using ancient methods. Attaching hazel spars may look easy but as Lyle explains, it’s not for the faint hearted…. Read More

2: Preparing the Posts – Axes, Joints, & Fire​

In the second stage of our Bronze Age build with Operation Nightingale we move on to woodworking, with the help of expert tree-wright Darren. Read More

1: A Groundbreaking Crash Course from Phil Harding

It's day one of the construction of Butser's first Bronze Age house and we were joined by none other than Phil Harding of Time Team fame to turn the first sod! Read More

3: How Do You Make A Building Without Metal Nails?

Those Anglo-Saxons knew a thing or two about working with wood, as Darren, our resident Treewright shows us. Read More

3: Fitting the Window

The skin window is finally completed and is ready to be installed. Read More