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Welcome to the Stone Age

Join us for a tour around our Stone Age farm! The Neolithic hall takes up centre stage, and archaeologist Thérèse also shows us the ancient tools we use to sow, tend to, and process the ancient crops we grow here! Read More

What Happens After a Roundhouse Falls Down?

We dig through the remains of an old roundhouse and see what can be learnt from this stage in the lifecycle of a roundhouse -- and perform some more experiments! Read More

8: Celebrating the Saxon Hall (with Phil Harding)

After four years of construction, and exactly fifty years since the archaeology for this building was first discovered, we've finished our Saxon hall build! And it's time to celebrate and reflect, accompanied by Phil Harding -- and the archaeologist who inspired him! Read More

Rebuilding an Iron Age Roundhouse

We get started rebuilding one of our previous Iron Age roundhouses, this time with a twist -- we're using different types of wood to see if the building lasts longer! Read More

What Can We Learn From a Decaying Roundhouse?

It's time to say goodbye to the Yellow Glastonbury M74! Our archaeologists talk us through the history of the house and its archaeology and take a look at the way it's been decaying, before getting stuck in with the deconstruction. Read More

9: Opening Celebration with Alice Roberts and Phil Harding

8: Learning Prehistoric Thatching

in episode 11 of the Bronze Build all hands are on deck to learn the traditional thatching techniques of our ancestors. The veterans get a real appreciation of what life in the Bronze Age was like, and just how much hard work was involved in building homes. Read More

7: Rafters, Rope, & Roof Building

The team come together to start the build of the roof for our new Bronze Age Roundhouse. Essential to the house, the roof has to be strong, weatherproof and most of all, fit the evidence of the materials we know were used in the Bronze Age. Can the team pull it together? Read More

6: The Puzzle of the Central Post

Collapse of the Glastonbury M59 Roundhouse

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